Website Design & Web Development

Everyone seems to have a site these days. However, it takes more than just a presence on the internet to have a successful site. It needs good design, to be well written, easy to understand and simple to navigate.

Creating web pages can seem overwhelming to anyone who does not want to be a computer programmer.

The websites we design for you will be unique and easy to use. It will take your business into the homes and offices of your existing customers and potentially millions of new customers not only in your area, but around the globe, 24 hours a day every day of the year. What other form of advertising can compete with that?

Our designs are drawn from your ideas, preferences, expectations and experience of your market place. We research your industry, your market and your competitors while taking into account your target audience to maximise positive response, with your site reflecting you and your business.

All of our Websites are coded by hand, in-house and are quick to load with the use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). They comply with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Standards and are tested on various browsers and across different operating systems.

There is little point in investing in a website if no-one knows that it is there. Our services include site promotion and online marketing to ensure your message gets to your market. Your site will also be tested in all of the popular browsers to ensure it will look exactly how it is supposed to look and work, no matter what platform or browser your audience uses.